An Enlightening Visit – Teacher Educators from Israel at PH Wien

On June 3rd, 2024 a group of 19 passionate educational experts and teacher educators from Israel visited the University College of Teacher Education Vienna. This study visit was organized in collaboration with the MOFET Institute, Tel Aviv (the National Institute for Research and Development in Education), a national institute for research and development in education. The goal was to explore, exchange experiences and learn from the innovative educational practices and innovative learning spaces that the University College offers.

Welcoming and Introduction

The day began with a warm welcome by Vice Principal Norbert Kraker, who provided an overview of the University College’s mission and vision. The visitors were particularly interested in understanding the institutional framework and the pedagogical approaches that distinguish this Viennese institution. Then Wolfgang Greller, Head of the Centre for Research Management, talked about the University College’s research initiatives and study projects. Finally, Klaus Himpsl-Gutermann, Head of the Competence Centre for STEM and Digital Literacy, presented the centre’s main objectives as well as the University College’s innovative learning environments.

Innovative Learning Spaces, Vocational Education and Research Proposals

Following the introduction, the group was taken on a tour to visit different innovative learning spaces like the The Future Learning Lab (FLL), the Education Innovation Studio (EIS) or the Lab for Digitality & Sustainability (DINA). These spaces are designed to support interactive and experiential learning, equipped with the latest educational technology.

One of the choice sessions in the afternoon was dedicated to vocational education and research proposals. There was a lively exchange and discussion with the Israeli delegation about the past, present and future of vocational education and training and what they have in common.

Networking and Collaboration

The visit concluded with a discussion, allowing the Israeli visitors to connect with their Austrian counterparts, and a subsequent networking session with the Principal of PH Wien, Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, which was a valuable opportunity for sharing experiences, discussing educational challenges, and exploring potential collaborations. All in all, this visit was more than just a tour; it was a rich exchange of ideas and practices that left the Israeli educators inspired and equipped with new strategies to bring back to their own educational institutions.




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