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Research Experience:

Recycling Heroes Funded by Sparkling Science 2022 – 2024

Using Citizen Science in schools to promote the circular economy in the electronics industry
The sale of electrical and electronic equipment is constantly increasing and, as a result, e-waste has already become the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Our society needs to address this challenge immediately to ensure a more sustainable management of our planet’s resources and reduce pollution.
The Recycling Heroes project aims to raise awareness of e-waste, particularly among schoolchildren but also in society in general. To this end, the project combines the principles of the circular economy with citizen science methods.

Digital Literacy in Robotics & Informatics – for underprivileged people, Funded by CTS 2020- 2021

Robotics and computer science are not imaginable without digital competence. Both are a possible entry into the digital world and promote the development of digital competence. However, the question also needs to be asked as to which barriers arise in the digital world and how these can be overcome. To this end, a working group with interdisciplinary members from different partner universities will be constituted to make common barriers visible and propose improvements for gender-appropriate didactic concepts.


Projectassistant, Funded by Interreg SK-AT 2018 – 2022 Present, Children and young people are encouraged and inspired in their understanding of technology, collaborative work and creativity by means of robotics workshops.


Projectassistant, Funded by FFG 2017 – 2019, the project brings new technologies and the world of Makers directly into the school and develops a sustainable environment. Students can go through a complete innovation cycle to the finished robotic prototypes and develop their own ideas, as well as demonstrate creativity and potential.


Projectassistant, Funded by Sparkling Science 2017 – 2019, the project is a cross-generational project aimed at increasing the interest of children and pupils in the social and cross-cultural research topics and innovation as well as deepening their relationship to science through the application of robotics in the elderly care technologies.


Projectassistant, Funded by EU-Horizon 2020 2017 – 2018, the project aims to turn curious young children into young adults passionate about science and technology with a hands-on use case in robotics. The domain of robotics represents a multidisciplinary and highly innovative field encompassing physics, maths, informatics and even industrial design, as well as social sciences. These fields and topics covered make robotics a powerful idea to engage young people.

Teaching Experience:

Senior Lecture, University College of Teacher Education, Department of vocational education

Teacher, Vocational School, Topics were applied mathematics, engineering, electrical engineering, automation technology (SPSS, CNC) and construction drawing (Auto-CAD).


Herold Druck Verlag Vienna, Austria, Engineer for maintenance and servicing (Purchasing, maintenance and servicing of production plants.)

Rudolf Tmej GmbH Vienna, Austria, Engine Fitter and Tool Maker (Design and manufacture of cutting, bending tools and equipment, as well as the manufacture of machine components.)

GEM Plastics Sydney, Australia, Trainee (Trainee in tool and mould manufacturing.)

Siemens Vienna, Austria, Trainee (Freelancer in marketing and promotion.)

Rudolf Tmej GmbH Vienna, Austria, Trainee (Apprenticeship for engine fitter and tool maker.)


#Diversität, #NeueLerntechnologien, #Ingenieurspädagogik, #AssistantTechnology, #EducationalRobotics, #Fachdidaktik


  • Digitalisierung – Distance Learning, KI
  • Forcierung innovativer Lernräume und Qualifizierungskonzepten im Bereich MINT
  • Berufsbildung
  • Professionalisierungskontinuum – Berufseinstieg, Wirksamkeit von FWB


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Inclusive Education: Socio-Psychological, Educational and Social Aspects


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