Erasmus + Mobility at Humboldt Universität Berlin

I had the opportunity to work at Humboldt Universität Berlin for a week through such a programme; the Erasmus + Staff mobility for training mobility agreement. Humboldt Universität Berlin was founded in 1810 and is associated with the well-known philosopher, Martin Hegel. In 1871 the Alma mater in Berlin became the largest university in Germany and nowadays is one of the worldwide leading universities, proved by its high rankings in various league tables.

As a teacher in the field of vocational training, it was a particular challenging to implement Humboldt University’s concept of education into vocational training and to co-ordinate possible co-operations regarding student mobility, research cooperation, student allowances etc.

I would particularly like to thank the employees at the Institute of Educational Sciences, especially Dr. Steffi Badel, the director of the Education Institute, who supported me throughout the week.

To conclude I would like to underline the importance of my experience abroad. It should help us to increase transnational teamwork and to enrich our thinking from a European perspective

I would also especially like to thank the international office at PH Wien and Mrs. Mag. Birgit Höfler for all the work carried out in the run-up to my staff mobility week.

Mag. Erich Hackl - Institute für Vocational Education

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