Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility: Wroclaw, Poland


From the 23rd until the 26th of October 2015, an Erasmus+ teaching staff exchange event took place in Wroclaw, Poland. One of the workshop instructors was Petra Szucsich from the Institute of Inclusive Education at the University of Teacher Education Vienna. She held an 8-hour-long workshop at the Philological School of Higher Education on the subject of „Redefining traditional structures in class by using e-portfolios“.

At the same time (24th and 25th of October 2015), the Philological School of Higher Educationorganized aninternational conference on "Active in Languages, Inter-Active in Teaching".



The organization team led by Anna Zaslona opened the conference. Besides numerous lecturers from the Philological School of Higher Education and from other renowned Polish higher education institutions also international guests were invited.

The conference papers were very diverse and covered amongst other topics Web2.0 Tools, Moodle Courses and Moodle Plug-Ins in language teaching, Adobe Connect for interactive learning,eModeration and Podcasting. On the second day, Petra Szucsich spoke about e-portfolios in language teaching and presented the internationally acclaimed project of her centre: EPOS (e-portfolios in teaching practice).

The international guests were taken on a tour through the historic centre of Breslau and invited to the “conference dinner”.

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