Staff Mobility at the University of Zagreb

Through Erasmus+, I had the opportunity to spend some time (28.09.2015-30.09.2015) at the University of Zagreb. The main goal was the exploration of possible exchanges between PH Wien and the University of Zagreb.

Due to internal changes at the University, I encountered slight difficulties. The Deputy Deans responsible for international affairs were just newly elected which led to structural transitions.

In addition, there was a strike of the entire teaching body scheduled at very short notice. The goal of the strike was a salary raise for the – by international standards – little earning teachers.

Nevertheless, I was able to conduct several very interesting discussions. Especially the communication with the responsible Deputy Deans was very fruitful as we could identify the following new cooperation approaches:

  • Possible cooperation regarding teacher training, particularly in primary education training; however, courses can (almost exclusively) be offered in Croatian
  • Concerning vocational education: collaboration on a project basis, projects with other Austrian institutes already exist
  • There is room for additional activities within the already existing agreement (student and staff exchange)

Particularly interesting was the meeting with the head of the “Centre for European Education”, a joint project of the University of Zagreb (Institute of Teacher Education) and the University of Munster (Institute of Educational Sciences). The aim of the Centre is the development of potential solutions – in cooperation with political and economic agents – to issues concerning European and transnational dimensions of education and training.

Despite the little internal troubles, Deputy Dean Martina Puskaric was very welcoming and thoughtful.

Prof. Mag. Karl Svoboda

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