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The International Relations Office coordinates international projects and manages the participation of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna.

 'These projects are funded with support from the European Commission. These projects reflect the views only of the involved universities, and the Commission cannot  be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.'

A-WIEN09 as Partner Institution

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TEASPILS Teaching Environmental Awareness with Smart IoT Planters in Learning Spaces 08/2023 Mag. Dr. Wolfgang GRELLER
SlideSHOW SlideSHOW - Showcasing Self-regulated Learning Implemented through Data-driven Education 10/2020 Mag. Dr. Wolfgang GRELLER
CiCea Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe 12/2020 Mag.Dr. Thomas BAUER
CODES  Competence-OrienteD Education for Elementary Schooling in the cross-border region AT - SK / CZ / HU 12/2020 Mag. Dr. Christian ASPALTER
KA 103 KA 103/ Erasmus+ mobilities of individuals between programme countries 09/2021 Internationales Büro
KA 107 KA 107/ Erasmus+ mobilities between programme countries and partner countries 07/2021 Mag.Dr. Thomas BAUER
ReCreaDe Reimagining Creative Democracy 08/2021 Dr. Brigitte ROTH
Mag. Silvia JINDRA
ELAPSE Embedding Languages Across Primary and Secondary Education 11/2020 Dr. Roland KEMSIES
8 by 8 Strategy Games for Primary Education 12/2020 Mag. Dr. Monika MUSILEK
DOTS Development Of Transversal Skills in STEM Education 10/2022 Mag. Dr. Christian BERTSCH
RuralSL Service Learning for the Rural Development (Rural 3.0) 12/2021

MMag. Dr. Rolf LAVEN

Lab Schools Europe Participatory Research for Domestic Education 08/2022


EKT Educational Knowledge Transfer 12/2022 Mag. Dr. Thomas STRASSER


Erasmus-Code     ECHE-Number

A WIEN09              29274 - EPP - 1 - 2014 - 1 - AT - EPPKA3 - ECHE


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