9th Annual English Teachers’ Day

The annual English Teachers’ Day at the PH Vienna is one of the main events in the English Language Teaching calendar in Austria. It brought together over 240 teachers for networking and plenty of practical new teaching ideas to take back to the classroom.

The conference included 30 separate seminar sessions on topic areas such as digital technology, creativity in language learning, innovative teaching methods, and cultural aspects. The focus of the conference was to host practical presentations which can help to enhance classroom experiences and aid teachers’ understanding of new developments in ELT.
   VR Barbara Huemer

In his keynote speech titled, Remembering new language: Strategies that work – and strategies that don’t, Herbert Puchta discussed what makes certain memory and cognitive strategies efficient or a waste of time. He used data from a meta-study ( John Dunlosky et al: Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions from Cognitive and Educational Psychology. Association of Psychological Science. 14(1) 4–58; 2013) reviewing more than 700 scientific articles on 10 commonly used learning techniques to substantiate claims why certain study methods work or don’t work, and discussed what the parameters are that decide the efficiency of various techniques. Slides from the talk can be found here.

                                Philip Kerr                                                                                   Alan Mackenzie

The 9th Annual English Teachers’ Day gave the participants the unique occasion of meeting leading international speakers and exchanging ideas with fellow  professionals from different schools. The exhibition hall hosted partners’ stands and stands of publishers to showcase ELT publications for the conference participants.

 v. l. n. r.: IL Ira Werbowsky, Deborah Burger (Europabüro),
     Herbert Puchta, LSI Waltraud Mori, Silvia Jindra


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