Fulbright Specialist Erin Jarry at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna

Erin Jarry arrived as a Fulbright Specialist Guest Professor at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna in April 2019. The University College is very proud to have participated for the second year in this well-respected program.

At the University of New Mexico in the USA, Ms. Jarry is a professor at the Institute for Inclusive Pedagogy. The main focus of the guest professor lies in educating students within the field of integration and inclusion.

In her two weeks at the University College, Ms. Jarry held interesting workshops and seminars for students where she shared her experience concerning inclusive learning at the University of New Mexico. A reciprocal exchange of experiences and discourse took place with experts from the University College and the components of diverse curriculums were themes of discussion.



On April 3, 2019, the keynote speech ‚Teaching by Design‘ was held in the University College Festival Hall. The concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) was the main concept and the criteria for developing a barrier-free learning environment for all abilities.

The documents from the lecture can be found here.

The IWQ team thanks all colleagues at the University College for their valuable support and help during the guest professor’s visit. The discourse allowed for the sharing of knowledge in multiple facets. The guest professor and the University are also thankful for this opportunity.

Please find more information Fulbright Guest Professor in our video-interview 10 questions to... Erin Jarry


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