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Hochschullehrgang Digitale Grundbildung

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STARS Assistant Program 2019


The STARS ASSISTANT PROGRAM partnership with Long Island University was created as an opportunity for 25 students to gain work experience and to develop professionally while abroad. The four-week course from May 18 to June 15,  provided an environment for the students to assist Austrian teachers in elementary or middle schools teaching English as a foreign language and using English as a communication tool.

The STARS program gave the LIU students the opportunity to engage their teaching skills in an Austrian classroom environment. For the pupils, it is a unique opportunity to learn from native English speakers. Hearing English from the students, learning in a different format and the overall experience is a privilege for them. The Austrian teachers involved have the possibility to collaborate with the American university students and share their own knowledge teaching English as a foreign language. In addition, they have the benefit of hearing native English and to practice their own speaking skills.


STARS Program 2019

The AAECA started planning the LIU STARS PROGRAM 2019 in September 2018. Promotion of the program by the education department at LIU began in November 2018. Many applications were received but only 25 students were selected by LIU and the AAECA. The process took into consideration their interest in teaching, their course studies and their past experience in working with children. The majority of the students were education majors but in addition, school counselors and child psychology majors were also chosen for the program.

Schools in Vienna were selected  by the Vienna Board of Education to participate in the program. In the 2019 program, 7 elementary schools and 6 middle schools participated.

The students were invited to the University College for Teacher Education in Vienna by Kathi Grubesic of the IWQ. Their meeting was joined by six Erasmus students who each took a group of 6 on a digital treasure hunt around the campus using the app - ‘Actionbound’. The students walked around the campus scanning QR codes and answering questions. At the conclusion of the digital treasure hunt, they watched a compilation of their video clips and photos from the activity. 

During their stay in Vienna, the STARS had the opportunity to attend a lecture at the University College for Teacher Education: Introduction to PELT, PELT Foundations- Reading and Writing, PELT Foundations- Listening and Speaking. The STARS program participants would like to thank the following professors for allowing them so kindly into their classrooms: Stefanie Rüdegger, Brigitte Roth and Ronald Kemsies. 

For inquiries or questions regarding the STARS Program:

Diane Ward
E-Mail: diane.ward(at)
Institut für weiterführende Qualifikationen und Bildungskooperationen



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